Road marking machine

It is driving type multi-functional thermoplastic(convex) road marking machine is Practical and multifunctional equipment, it has a high level of automation, high safety coefficient, it can help reduce labour intensity, improve the efficiency of construction. According to customers’ requirements,the machine can be applied to Hot melt spraying, Hot melt extrusion, hot melt vibrating and Hot-melt scraping etc. by just replace some parts.

Driving system GX270(LPG)
Heat method LPG
Vehicle Control System CPU computer board imported from Siemens
Work pattern Dual mode(flat line and rib line)
Driving system LPG power,hydraulic drive,infinitely variable speeds
Compressor Imported air compresso
Working pressure Working pressure
Paint tank capacity 0.1413m³(can accommodate about 225kg paint)
Beads box capacity 20kg
Working speed 0—15km/h
Rib line height 0-10mm
Line width 50-450mm(optional)
Vehicle wheel 2 front wheel and 2rear-wheel,Duralon material,15×6.00—6NHS
Lamp LED Lighting lamp,caution light,turn light,control panel display lamp
Heating Mode Liquefied petroleum gas heating
Pointer length 2m(extension-type)
Size and weight 1900mm×1220mm×1300mm(not include pointer)570kg

Thermoplastic road marking machine is the key equipment used in thermoplastic road marking construction,it need to work together with thermoplastic preheater. The marking shoe is made of high-precision cast iron,which can make the road line orderliness, uniform thickness and more beautiful. The grounded knife of marking shoe can adapt to different kinds of road. The glass beads dispenser can dispense glass beads automatically. The paint tank has double layer of stainless steel,which can keep warm and insulate against heat, it can help save energy and avoid form scalding. The machine has advantage of high efficiency,high quality,easy to operate and convenient for maintenance. If you have a lot of work,you can connect it with our boost vehicle,which can help you save workforce and improve efficiency.

Marking equipment high-precision integrated marking shoe,screeding type,standard configuration: 150mm
Grounded blade Inlaid hard alloy,and also have pure alloyed grounded blade for your choice
Paint container Double layer stainless steel,equipped with inserted dismountable manumotive stirring device,the container is removable &interchangeable for quick color changes
Glass beads container capacity 10kg
Glass beads container Automatic spreader
Glass beads dispenser 100/150/200/250/300/400/450mm(optional)
Line thickness 1.0-3.0mm(adjustable)
Line thickness 50/100/150/200/250/300/400/450mm(optional)
Heating temperature 180~210℃
Heating Mode Liquefied petroleum gas heating
Gas tank 15kg
Wheel High temperature resistance soft rubber,rear wheel equipped with localiser to make the machine walk along the straight line
Speed 1.5km/h
Driving method Hand-push
Machine Weight 126kg
Dimension 1150×850×950mm

It is used for removing all kinds of road marking lines with its high pressure has advantages of easy operation,simple maintenance, high efficiency without damaging road surface, environment friendly. Compulsive lubricating system and oil cooling system, Complete computer monitoring system, Water supply pipeline system: stainless steel and Withhold hose Imported safety Bursting diaphragm, Pressure regulating valve: imported from Japan, High pressure gauge: imported from Germany

Power 120kw
Rotated speed 1500r/min
High pressure pump Jestream Pump pressure:140Mpa;
Bearing Japan NSK
Flow 35L/min
Plunger Hard alloy Φ20
High pressure seal Imported seal
Filter Double layer stainless steel vertical type Filter
Machine weight 5000kg
Working speed 8-19m/min
Size and Weight 5m*2.2m*2.3m  2.5Ton

It is the fastest among our cold paint road marking machines, its working speed can reach 13km/h,Since it has powerful hydraulic system which make it work well under harsh environment.

Engine 5.5HP 
Pump Built-in Reversing hydraulic pump(imported from German)
9Max Flow 9L/min
Spraying width 0-300mm(single gun)
Spraying thickness 0.2-0.4mm
Size and Weight 1660×1050×1000mm 130kg
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